Imagine your MLS went down. Do you have a backup plan? 

MLS Backup ServiceRecently the Rapatonni MLS system was hacked leaving thousands of brokers and hundreds of thousands of consumers with no access to add, edit, delete, or publish listing data. 

Listings aren't on their own websites 

The listings aren't on Zillow. 

It's a HUGE problem! 

And the MLS's don't have a backup solution! 

Let Us Back Up Your Listings For You! 

Hopefully, you NEVER need us (That's why it's called a backup), but if you ever do, here is what we can do for you. 

  • Ingest and continually update all of your MLS / IDX listings for you and store them in a database completely separate from your MLS provider. 
  • Provide you with a user interface to add/edit/delete listings (if your MLS ever goes down). 
  • Syndicate your listings to third-party portals such as Zillow,, LeadingRE, and Luxury Real Estate. 
  • Provide an IDX feed of your listings to your brokerage website so your search keeps working. 

Brokerage and MLS FAQ's

Doesn't my MLS have a backup of our listings?

Some MLSs do (most of the big ones) but some also don't. Either way, if your entire MLS gets hacked like what happened with Rapatonni, then those backups are potentially compromised as well. It's important to have a "third party" backup of your systems. One that is completely unrelated to the platform that has been hacked.

My brokerage already backs up our listings why do I need this service?

Many larger brokerages do in fact have a backup of their listing data (which is best practice) however what they do not have is technology that allows for the immediate adding, editing, deleting, and syndication of those listings to major portals. This technology is very expensive to build and maintain, and even the largest franchises do not have MLS type technology available.


Rob ThomsonWe were one of the first brokerages to sign up for so that we could have our listings syndicated globally. Being able to also count on it as a backup solution for our MLS is icing on the cake. What a great idea! Rob Thomson, #1 agent Jupiter, Florida

Rob Thomson Waterfront Properties & Club Communities

Gary AshtonLuckily for us, our MLS has never been hacked, but if it ever was, there is nothing more important to our customers than making sure their listings are still being found and stay accurate. Backing up our listings on was a no-brainer for us and it gives us piece of mind to know there is a copy of our listing data out there that we have care and control of. If we ever need to turn listings on "yesterday" we can do it at the push of a button! Gary Ashton, #1 Re/Max Team worldwide. 

Gary Ashton - RE/MAX Advantage

Would you like us to back up your listings "right now"? 

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Again, hopefully you never have to use us. But man does it suck if you need a backup for your listings and you don't have one! 

There is no reason not to! 

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